Statler Grooves

Every Note a Journey,
Every Beat a Home.


What is Statler Grooves?

Statler Grooves is an independent music collective of artists who create live electronic house music. We release music, merch, musical tempaltes and instruments. 

Every Note a Journey

Welcome to Statler Grooves, where each note invites you on a profound journey. Our music is more than just sound; it's an exploration, a voyage into uncharted territories of emotion and experience.

With every track, we aim to transport you to places you've never been, evoking new sensations and unlocking depths within. Our progressive house beats are crafted with care, designed to guide you through a spectrum of landscapes — both external and internal.

Dive into our sound, and let every note carry you away on a journey that's uniquely yours. Experience the adventure of Statler Grooves, where every note is a step into the vast, unexplored territories of sound and soul.

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Every Beat a Home

At Statler Grooves, we believe that every beat should feel like coming home. We're not just a label; we're a community, a collective of artists who share a passion for live, handcrafted electronic music.

If you're an artist seeking a space where your beats are not just heard but felt, where your rhythms find resonance and your melodies find meaning, you've found your home.

We value the live element, the palpable energy of performance that connects us all. Here, your creative pulse becomes part of a larger symphony, a communal heartbeat that welcomes and celebrates every unique contribution.

Join Statler Grooves, and let every beat you create find its home, resonating within the hearts of listeners and fellow artists alike. Together, we're not just making music; we're crafting a sanctuary for sound.

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